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☆ Our innocent thoughts met/As if we are transparent to everyone


Obligatory Cat Post ++++ Another round of Let's Talk About Other People's Hair


→ Dear Juri, Happy Birthday. Whatever happened to you when I was out doing groceries, staring at Inoo, writing articles, ogling chicks, and more staring at Inoo. You are fine, fresh, fierce and why are you more handsome than your Onii-sama. Life is so unfair. You even remind me of Uchi. And Uchi is fucking pretty. xox!

→ Dear Kohei, Happy Birthday. There are times when I wonder if Inoo ever watches your gigs and he'd complain about how you stank of cigarettes. Or complain about your new girlfriend aka your future ex. Stay gold.

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→ Done reading Trese! So far my favorite arc is the third book ;o; I kind of sobbed and gasped at the reveals on the end but haaaaaa Puti, Bantay, Blackie and Dogberttttt ;A;)~~

→ New shiny pirate icon from mlina check check check yo Speaking of pirates, I had a Ryota dream skdjfh But he had blonde hair there...and umm it involves a lot of staring...and eating. idk it was weird. And that we only talked about traffic. idk. stfuing now.

→ Currently raiding Nikki's/mintia comms for NND 101. U GUISE ALL U NEED TO LEARN IS AT OFUROTAIMU now where is my patience *A*) Now I kind of regret leaving my former office just so I can talk to Nikki skdfjh I swear I can listen all day .__.)/ lol Jessie May ILU

→ EH THAT IS ALL THANK YOU! really, years into blogging and I still can't properly close an entry.

ps. Guess who's not going to Toycon crais. Can someone get me Gokai merch?
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☆ baby please I am well versed in how I might be cursed I don't need it articulated

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I want you to ask me something you think you should know about me, something that should be obvious, but you have no idea about, or something you've always been curious about but have never asked, or something completely silly that you'd like me to answer for kicks.

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☆ how to be idle and blessed, how to stroll through the fields, which is what I have been doing all


→ ksjdfhk this doesn't mean anything really. move along.

→ BUT BEFORE YOU DO, I'd like to share something that is really awesome and that has been eating my time since Wednesday (I HOPE YOU CAN SEE IT!) ;A; ksdfh NOEY is awesome you guys. I'll make a character map over the weekend. I just hope I'll be able to get the most apt(?) photos of the cast. Season 2 just needs to come sooner idek hee hee my favorite ship is going to be there.

Speaking of favorite ship, this post is also brought to you by Noey & Kane TRUE LAAB 4E

→ I had this very amusing dream last night *A*)/  in my dream, I was hanging out with Inoo and we were watching Junjou Romantica (IKR) and while I was so engrossed by boys kissing/touching/doing unimaginable things with each other, Inoo kept on talking about how he knew their seiyuus and how I never listen to him when he's talking.

So while I kept ignoring Inoo (doushitewhy) Don walked on in and told me to help him chop the carrots BECAUSE SATO TAKERU IS COMING idk Inoo eventually stopped watching Junjou and popped Shroom's BECK DVD. No appearance of Sato Takeru but there was Yuuto and Korina (second time in a week lol) who were arguing about how to properly hold the drumsticks. I told them to STFU and then Chinen was there and told me that Yuuto needed hugs. :/

I woke up to D Motion. ffffff

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public bec Shroom sez so
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☆ かがやいたい

Posting via LJ app on my iPod! I'll be on dreamwidth for a while so u guys can add me there ( ´Д`)y━・~~

Anywayyyy! I'm on episode 6 of Gokaiger and whoever made that gem is a genuis. Sachibi ILU!

Also saw BECK finally! Thank yoy Ciarabelle! \(//∇//)\ I forgot how I loved that manga and how it made me dream beyond the possibilities (it was one reason why I wanted to be a film maker craiii). My love for Chiba can never waver! And huhu Sato how can yiy be so versatile. Shots for Topless Mukai. That is all.

My pancakes are getting cold and lol what is office. I am late.

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